The "Friends of Jazz" were our special guests in the Spring 2018 concert.  They made the theme "Big Noise" very realistic.  Thank you to the "Friends of Jazz!"

Jolene, Liz, Peggy, Rose, K D, Becca, Donna, Jen

Fall Concert   2018

Pot Pourie!

Scenes from our Spring concert, 2016



Barb, Dana, Roberta, David, Donna, Rusty, Nancy, and Anna

Rusty, Barb, Nancy

Direct ancestors from the Immigrants' Trek families gather in the 16' by 14' room to illustrate the confining size of the settlers abode.      (Oct '16)

Todd, Phil, Harvey


The Chorale thanks the Shining Stars Relay for Life Team for serving a delicious lunch following our latest concert.

David and Cody


Cody & David

      The Board & Anna

                  Spring    2019